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the brown girl's guide to laser hair removal

August 20, 2018

for women with medium to dark skin, the first and most important thing is to look for in laser hair removal is the Nd:YAG (or just YAG) laser. the YAG laser is available at all Shobha locations.


6 effective ways to remove your pesky body hair

July 27, 2018

threading is the most efficient, detailed, and hygienic way to remove facial hair.


all your eyebrow threading questions answered

July 17, 2018

here’s everything you need to know before you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ancient hair removal process.


15 top-notch products for safe and soothing hair removal at home

April 19, 2018

the Shobha Sugaring Gel is proven to be one of the best at-home hair removal products.


sugaring vs. waxing: everything you need to know

April 19, 2018

learn the major differences between sugaring & waxing, plus which service is the one for your skin.


best hair removal creams for face and body – our top 10

April 17, 2018

safe for the delicate skin on your face & effective enough for your bikini, the Shobha Sugaring Gel can do it all.


natural beauty products — organic beauty

April 11, 2018

the Shobha Sugaring Kit is organic, effective & perfect for earth day.


coachella 2018 beauty essentials

April 9, 2018

festival season must-have: Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths! check out some coachella beauty essentials.


i tried laser hair removal and this is what happened

April 3, 2018

there's a first time for everything! read this first time experience for laser hair removal.


everything you need to know about laser hair removal

March 30, 2018

achieve head-to-toe smooth skin with laser hair removal plus pro-tips to save your time & money.


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