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3 critical mistakes to avoid during and after a brazilian wax

3 critical mistakes to avoid during and after a brazilian wax

recent studies indicate that more than 99% of american women voluntarily remove hair, and more than 85% do so regularly, even daily. and because shaving can be tedious and time-consuming for many women, waxing services, such as brazilian waxes, are continuing to grow in popularity. but before you head to the salon, it's important to know exactly what to expect. Here are some common mistakes to avoid before and after you get a brazilian wax.

  1. mistake: not wearing the right clothes

    wearing the clothes during and after your procedure is critical. your lower half will be exposed during the procedure, so some prefer a skirt or dress. there are many salons that offer a type of disposable undergarment if you're just getting a bikini wax, but brazilian waxes require a bit more exposure, so plan accordingly. and after the procedure, the area will be sensitive, so it's better to wear loose clothing to avoid further irritation.

  2. mistake: trimming too much

    although it seems intuitive and logical to trim the area before your appointment, it's important to keep in mind that the hair must be 1/4 inches long for the wax to properly adhere. if you're nervous that you may trim too much, professionals recommend leaving it alone. instead, you can make a quick call to the salon to alert your waxer that you need a trim before the procedure so that they can allot for the extra time.

  3. mistake: exposing the area to sunlight

    as mentioned, the area will be very sensitive, and exposing it to sunlight too soon after the procedure will only do more harm than good. says, "your newly hair-free "area" may seem to be calling out for your bikini, but sensitive skin is more susceptible to uv rays. "this can lead to permanent sun damage and/or hyperpigmentation," says esthetician Marta Grochowska of Haven Spa in nyc."

ultimately, it's important to be aware of these mistakes so that the procedure works as it should and you don't experience any more discomfort or irritation than you have to. if you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to talk them through with your waxer.