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our packages will keep you & your appearance on a polished path! each Shobha® 3-Pack & Shobha® 6-Pack has been designed to create a simple grooming regimen to ensure your upkeep with a bonus of savings! the more you buy, the more you save!

  • all packages can be purchased at all Shobha Locations
  • they are available for all services (i.e., threading, sugaring, waxing, trimming)
  • once purchased, your package info is stored electronically in our system
  • they can be used at any Shobha Location
  • they are nontransferable (e.g, you are not able to share them with a friend) & nonrefundable
  • different rates apply for level 1 & level 2 specialists
  • body & bikini packages may be used for both sugaring & waxing treatment (so you save even more when you sugar!)

our most popular packages

standard 3-pack 6-pack
brows (level 1) 22 20 18
lip (level 1) 11 10 9
brows (level 2) 33 30 28
lip (level 2) 14 13 12
bikini sugar (ladies) 53 46 40
bikini wax (ladies) 48 46 40
brazilian sugar (ladies) 66 58 50
brazilian wax (ladies) 60 58 50
full back sugar (guys) 79 71 62
full back wax (guys) 74 71 62

all pricing in US Dollars

similar to the levels of hair stylists, our specialist levels are based on experience & expertise. while all of our level 1 specialists meet our service standards, our level 2 specialists have gone through additional training for brow design. our level 2 specialists are also part of our quality assurance team, in which they provide training & mentoring for level 1 specialists.

please review each service for a list of available packages.