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the culture

hair removal should be a happy experience for everyone - our clients & our team!

the beauty industry can be a pretty ugly place at times. in short, it’s become a sweat shop industry. nowadays, it is commonplace for beauty salons to overwork & underpay their employees & often times operating in unsafe conditions for clients & employees alike - all for the sake of profit. we want no part of that & want the rest of the beauty world to know it’s not ok for them to compromise anyone’s well-being to do that either.

we choose to lead by example.

need proof? ask our specialists! they are the very people who made us aware of such conditions, based on where they had previously worked in the first place.

we take our work seriously, but know how to keep it fun at the same time. at each visit you’ll be as hairless as you want to be when you leave, but you might also be offered a swig of our signature Shobharita or a sweet treat to celebrate diwali, the festival of lights. our salons are bright & cheery because that’s how life should be. be sure to check out our community wall when you visit. we keep it fresh - insider tips, newsworthy happenings & the superstars among us (our team members & amazing clientele)!

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