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home for girls & women

since opening our first Shobha Salon in 2001, we have been committed to furthering the lives of south asian women & children.

as a company, we have sponsored the college education of ten women (through sarada kalayan bhandar) & have contributed to school-on-wheels (which converts old buses into mobile classrooms in mumbai & pune for street children), offering them an alternative to begging & teaching them that education is their way out of poverty.

Shobha's Home for Girls & Women is dedicated to Shobha Tummala's grandparents. with a $100,000 (usd) contribution, the home supports 110 girls & young women that range from pre-school to college age.
the home is run by two retired professors who value education & are making sure that the orphans are cared for & are able to attend school. it is our hope that these early philanthropic steps will lay the groundwork for a full-fledged non-profit organization in the years to come.

programs provided at the orphanage include:

  • room & board at Shobha’s Home
    orphan & semi-orphan girls are welcomed in from the deprived families & provided the necessities & means for a higher education.
  • free english education for girls
    at nimmagadda anadamma memorial girls school, english language studies start as early as nursery school.
  • rehabilitation of women at dr. lakshmi ganga swayam sakthi
    women are given support & taught a trade in which they can make a living.

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here at Shobha we are dedicated to empowering women through employment & education. as a result we focus on various philanthropic organizations that focus on educational causes for women & children. to help us with our effort, please donate here.

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