6-packs Are Here!

Now that the super bowl is over we can share our exciting news – Shobha® 6-packs are officially back/here! What does this mean? More savings for you! You can save the most with Shobha® 6-packs. Here’s how:

  1. All packages can be purchased at all Shobha locations
  2. They are available for all services (I.E., threading, sugaring, waxing, trimming)
  3. Once purchased, your package info is stored electronically in our system
  4. They can be used at any Shobha location
  5. They are nontransferable (e.g, you are not able to share them with a friend) & nonrefundable
  6. Different rates apply for level 1 & level 2 specialists
  7. Body & bikini packages may be used for both sugaring & waxing treatment (so you save even more when you sugar!)

For the entire list of Shobha® 3-packs & Shobha® 6-packs, please click here.

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