4 New Ways To Use Shobha Talc-free Powder This 4th Of July

  1. Throw a bottle of Shobha Talc-free Powder  in your beach bag. When you’re done with the sun (& sand) for the day sprinkle the powder all over. Then wipe it off. It will absorb any sweat, oil or water unwanted sand is sticking to allowing the sand to come off your skin easily so you can leave it at the beach & not in your car!
  2. Après shaving or waxing or sugaring dust your skin with some Shobha Talc-free Powder it will serve as an aftershave for your skin.
  3. Summer nights can be hot & sticky so sprinkle some Shobha Talc-free Powder on your bed sheets before you call it a night it will help you stay cool & dry all night long.
  4. Getting a run in to start your holiday right? Sprinkle some Shobha Talc-free Powder in your sneaks to absorb any moisture &/or stink.
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