4 New Products at Shobha!

4 new products at shobha

If you haven’t seen them for yourself already, we’ve got some new go-to goodies in our salons! Next time you’re in for an appointment, try out these new products to keep your skin smooth, protected & prepped for the soon-to-come summer sun! Keep scrolling to find out how each one benefits your already radiant skin.

acure sunscreen

Besides the fact that this product packaging is one of our favorite colors (orange of course), this sunblock packs a punch! The Acure Sunblock delivers a continuous spray of broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen, which is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, lightweight with argan oil to moisture, won’t leave that yucky white film & water-proof tested to eighty minutes! Thanks to Acure you can say buh-bye to sunburn this summer.

acure pore minimizing facial scrub

The Acure Pore Minimizing Scrub is made with Moroccan red clay which draws out impurities with the help of black jojoba beads that delicately exfoliates. This pore minimizing scrub helps improve the texture of your skin to reveal a more vibrant you.

acure pore minimizing red clay mask

Much like it’s sister product mentioned above, the Acure Pore Minimizing Mask assists in reducing the size of pores (without being overdrying), while soothing your skin for a baby-soft complexion.


Made with only 4 ingredients (organic soy oil, beeswax, natural vitamin e oil & organic rosemary oil) Waxelene is an all natural petroleum jelly alternative. It’s best used for dry skin, chapped lips, after-shave, & after-sun care. This multi-purpose product is doctor recommended, biodegradable, & won’t clog pores.

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