4 Creative Hacks to Maximize Your Brow Pencil

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Creative Hacks to Maximize Your Brow Pencil

Who says brow pencils only have to be for you brows?! Not us.

1. Fill in your hair line

We love us a snatched ponytail or top knot bun.  Sparseness along the hairline can make or break these simple up ‘dos.

*brow pencil to the rescue!*

Scribble a little brow pencil one the back of your hand. Next, rub a small angled eyeliner brush along the scribbled line to prep for the magic.  Using said brush, create hairlike strokes to fill in any gaps along your hairline (just like you would to fill in sparse sections of your brows!). In the same direction of your hair for realistic effect.

2. Disguise a blemish as a beauty mark

Pimples = not sexy but, strategically placed moles are! Take a note out of Desi Perkins’ tutorial & make that pimple a chic beauty mark – all it takes is a small dot made by your brow pencil to camouflage a pimple. Then lightly dust the area with a little powder for a more natural looking mole.

Pro-Tip* using powder to lightly brush over the mole (vs. foundation or concealer) softens the edges & keeps the mole from sliding around after a long day.

3. Create fuller, thicker lashes

It may be an old trick but still a gem nonetheless – use your brow pencil like eyeliner to line your lash line for fuller, natural looking lashes. A perfect trick for those days when you don’t feel like getting all glammed up with the usual 6 coats of mascara.

4. Try out freckles

Freckles seem to be a in trend this spring, courtesy of Mr. Kate & we are so onboard! However, if you’re not ready for the metallic galaxy girl ones, just grab your brow pencil & tryout a more natural look first. Since your brow pencil is already color-matched to suit your face, all you have to do is use a dull point & light-handedly dot freckles on your cheeks, towards the center of your face & over the bridge of your nose. Remember to sweep some powder over your new freckles to set them in place.

1 product – so many uses!!! Have other brow pencil hacks – do tell (in the comments below).

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