3 Scary Ingredients You Won’t Find In Our Products

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If you’ve visited one of our NYC locations or have been trolling our website, you probably already know… we are clean freaks & proud of it.  In addition to being sticklers for providing only super sanitary services, we are taking our clean obsession to the next level.  Now we are devoting ourselves to providing squeaky clean products!  Yes, although some of our products are for cleaning your various body bits, what we really mean by clean is that we are consciously choosing safe ingredients to create the most natural & effective formulas for our products.

Currently 3 ingredients that we are steering clear of (read:  not found in Shobha products) are:

  1. Parabens (parabens = bad, very bad preservatives that are cheap & linked to cancer & infertility, need we say more?)
  2. Artificial fragrance (the cheaper alternative to natural fragrances & essential oils that are also known to cause skin irritation & are linked to infertility)
  3. Artificial color (unless you’re opting for the smurf look, who wants to be slathered in blue dye just because it looks pretty on a shelf?)

The scary ingredients that exist in many beauty products out there can be overwhelming even paralyzing when you are in the market for something new (since you probably just found out a lot of your daily arsenal is equipped with harmful ingredients).  So when these feelings start coming on strong, visit us; we’ve taken the hard, scary parts out, making shopping for beauty products fun & exciting again.

Yay for clean!  Plain Jenn

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