3 Household Hacks For A Matte Finish

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3 Household Hacks For A Matte Finish

Milk of Magnesia as Primer?!

How to: after cleansing & moisturizing your face, use your choice of beauty sponge or foundation brush & lightly dip into a cap sized amount of milk of magnesia (yep, just fill up the bottle cap & use as your ‘palette’). Then apply a thin layer to your t-zone (i.e., the parts that get the shiniest throughout the day – forehead, nose, chin, & maybe a little on the cheeks). Make sure to use a thin layer & let it completely dry so your foundation does not mix with the milk of magnesia, or you’ll matte finish will turn ashy.

Pro-tip* Opt for original (unscented), unless you prefer the wild cherry, chocolate, or ever so popular fresh mint scent on your face all day.

body powder to set your concealer or foundation

Body Powder to Set Your Concealer or Foundation

Beauty bloggers are known for their super creative ways to save a buck by using unusual items to slay a makeup look. Lately, people have been substituting their fave translucent setting powder with baby powder, but is baby powder really the way to go?

Because of the reports linking cancer & talcum powder **insert flashback to our Shobha Talc-Free Powder blog post about Johnson & Johnson’s cancer lawsuit**, we recommend you use our safe alternative- Shobha Talc-Free Powder, which is safely formulated for dryness sans the scary ingredients!

tissues and talc free powder with lipstick

Tissues +Talc-Free Powder = Matte Lipstick?

How to: Apply you fave satin finish lipstick as you normally would, then grab a tissue & blot the excess moisture from your lips. Next, grab another tissue & hold the tissue in place over your lips. Using your talc-free powder & a powder setting brush, dip your brush into your powder & apply to the powder in a patting motion to the tissue. This should turn your satin lipstick to a smooth matte finish without the over-drying chapped feeling!

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