3 Easy Steps to Save the Most Money on Laser Right Now

3 Easy Steps to Save the Most Money on Laser Right Now

If resolve to be more hairless in 2016 (like we are!) we’re letting you in on a little secret today that will help you get closer to hairless happiness with less time & money… shhh & keep reading.

Here’s 3 easy steps on how to save the most money & get rid of the most unwanted hair in 2016:

  1. Spend $100 in gift cards, get $120. Right now (as in today through 12/31/2015) for every $100 dollars spend in gift cards we’re giving you $20 extra towards your balance. (Get your gift card here.)
  2. Use your gift cards to buy 3 & 6 pre-paid services. Here’s the good part, you can buy gift cards for yourself (& loved ones if you so choose) then use said gift cards to purchase 3 & 6 packs for laser services (Read: the ultimate way to reach hairless happiness with deep discounts on pre-paid laser services).
  3. Save up to an extra 30% off on laser 3 & 6 packs. Plus, on top of the 3 & 6 laser pack savings you can get up to an additional 30% off package prices for laser until 12/31/2015.

Save an extra:

  • 10% off 1 package
  • 20% off 2 packages
  • 30% off 3+ packages

View prices here.

(*valid in-store only. applies to laser packages only. expires: 12/31/2015.)

That’s a lot of math. Let’s recap, shall we? You get an extra 20 bucks with each $100 you spend in gift cards. You can remove more hair for longer lasting results with laser. The more 3 & 6 laser packs you pre-pay for the more money you will save in the long run & you can use your gift cards for these purchases saving you even more mula.

Hurry this sweet way to save is only valid until 12/31/2015!

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