10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shobha

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  1. We used to sell footless pantyhose to accommodate our former mani/pedi customers (brows, bikinis…& feet?!)
  2. Shobha (our founder) used to make our signature Shobha® Sugaring Gel in her very own kitchen! 
  3. Shobha® SoHo has nearly tripled in size since its conception in 2001, going from 1000 sq ft to 3000 sq ft.
  4. Our original company colors used to be burgundy & gold…could you imagine not seeing our signature orange!? Us either.
  5. When we first opened, we only offered sugaring. Years later we introduced waxing…we pride ourselves on it not being the other way around.
  6.  Shobha (our founder) was the first person to work at our front desk & yes, she knows how to thread, but not like our current brow experts!
  7. We used to have facials & Henna tattoos on our menu. In fact, we still offer Henna tattoos, but for private events only.
  8. Only in 2004, did we actually start offering Brazilians as a service. Before that, it was all about the landing strips.
  9. Shobha® Madison once survived a great flood. It was so bad, we’re not even going to elaborate.
  10. We’ve provided hairless happiness behind the scenes of popular TV shows, such as America’s Next Top Model & one that rhymes with “Ugly Yeti” – but we can assure you, yeti’s are defiantly hairier than the whole cast combined!
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