laser is a permanent form of hair reduction. it eliminates the targeted hairs for good & it also takes care of bumps & ingrowns, leaving you with super smooth skin! holding true to our industry-leading standards, Shobha® Laser Treatments provide you with an experience that educates, ensures your comfort & delivers the most effective results thanks to our top-of-the-line equipment & knowledgeable, highly-trained team. services are available for the face, body & bikini at Shobha Columbus Circle, Shobha Dupont Circle, Shobha Madison, Shobha Rockville Pike & Shobha SoHo.




  • licensed, trained & knowledgeable team - all Shobha Laser Specialists are licensed & have received100+ hours of technical training. they also have a wealth of knowledge to help you decide what hair removal method will be best & safest for you.

  • hi-tech equipment provides safe & effective treatments for many skin & hair types - after researching, testing & discovering that not all lasers have been created equal, Shobha opted for the leading technology, which is currently only found in the offices of elite dermatologists & plastic surgeons. the high end equipment, which includes two different lasers, the yag & the alex, as well as a cooling device, to provide the most effective results for a broad range of skin & hair types, including darker complexions!

  • lasting, low maintenance results - on average, most folks will experience a level of hairless happiness after 6-9 sessions which will result in not even checking for stubble (yes, it’s life changing!).

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